2020 event thank you dinner catering will be provided by Noosa Spit Hire. To purchase your dinner please click on the relevant button below

The “Thank You Dinner” will be held at Catherals on Fraser Sunday 3rd May 2020.
Dinner will be a buffet style and at cost of $10 per person (adults / kids) for event volunteers.
*Please note that Cathedrals on Fraser is a fully licensed venue and therefore NO ALCOHOL or BYO ALCOHOL is to be brought into the event arena*

MENU 2020
Variety of handmade dampers, breads and rolls.

Organic pork wrapped in crackling and seared slowly over charcoal spits
Marinated char chicken wings, drums, thighs cooked over charcoal finished with an infusion of apple wood smoke
Variety of flavoured handmade sausages seared Brazilian style over charcoal
Buffalo marinated turkey drums slowly seared over in the spits and served in its own marinated juices

Mixed roasted potato, sweet potato, carrot charred
Golden topped potato baked layered with cheesy bechamel sauce and seasoned with maldon sea salt and cracked pepper
Steamed fresh green peas

Chunky Greek salad with tomato, onion, cucumber, olives and fetta drizzled with olive oil
Asian slaw (GF) shredded red and green cabbage, wombok, julienne carrots, spring onions and coriander
Cous cous with roasted Mediterranean marinated capsicum, onion, shallots, parsley and garlic
Green salad with sliced tomato, cucumber, red onion accompanied with a mustard balsamic dressing

Reduced jus sauce served warm for your meats
Slow roasted apples over smokey coals blended to make a sauce
Side condiments of basting marinades, piri piri, mustard, tomato and BBQ. Salad Dressings, hickory and brown sugared sauces

Chocolate dampers with golden syrup, melted butter and cream
French vanilla genoise sponge cake layered with jam, mixed berries and topped with cream chantilly
Fruit salad with side condiments of cream, praline and roasted crushed nuts

Fraser Island Clean Up