10 May 2019 - Friday
11 May 2019 - Saturday
12 May 2019 - Sunday
13 May 2019 - Monday

Club Allocations

Club camp, clean / weed allocations will be published mid March following registrations closing on the 1st of March 2019.

Trip leaders please feel free to provide your club’s camping (please provide 3 preferences), cleaning and UHF preferences ASAP by emailing

Please refer to QPWS camping information for all camping area zones and fenced (dingo deterrent) group camping areas. Fenced group camping areas are recommended for families with children aged 14 and under. 

Fenced group camping areas available (maximum people and vehicle numbers apply):
1. Dundubara group camping area (max 50 people)
2. Waddy Point Top group camping area (max 40 people)
3. Cornwells group camping area (max 40 people)

Where a fenced group camping area has requested by more than one club the FICU committee will conduct a lucky draw out of a hat to ensure fairness to all clubs.  



Club Total
Total Volunteers UHF
Camping Area Requested Leader
All American Wheeling     21 Co-located with Brisbane Four Wheel Drive Club
1. Dundaburra (group)
2. Eli Creek
3. Cornwells 
Miles Brennan
Amarok Club of Queensland     19 1. One Tree Rocks
2. Cornwells
3. Gabala
Richard Froehlich
Bayside Off-Roaders Club     16 1. Marloo
2. Ocean Lake
3. Waddy Top
Kathleen Moran
Breakaway Offroad 4X4 Club          
Brisbane Four Wheel Drive Club      

Co camping with AAW.
1. Dundaburra (group)
2. Eli Creek
3. Cornwells 

Tracey Brettle
Bundaberg 4WD Club     10 1. Winnam
2. Gabala
Graham Telfer
Burdekin District 4WD Club          
Bush & Beach 4WD Club          
Caboolture 4WD Club          
Cairns 4WD Club          
Caloundra City 4WD Club     24 1. Guluri
2. Eli
Jim Deakin
Central West QLD 4X4 Club          
Central Queensland offroad Club          
Classic Landcruiser Club of Queensland          
Cooloola 4WD Club     14

1. Maheno
2. Wahba

Meredith Brown
Crossriver 4X4 Club          
CT 4X4 Club          
Downs Four Wheel Drive Club       Please Advise Please Advise
East Coast Offroad          
Fraser Coast 4WD Club       Cathedrals on Fraser Rob Selby
Gladstone & District 4WD Club          
Gold Coast Four Wheel Drive Club      

1. Dundabura (group)
2. Guluri 

Ted Blackburn
Gold Coast Land Rover Owners          
International Scout Owners Club of Queensland          
Ipswich Low Rangers 4WD Club       Please Advise Natasha Crouch
Ipswich Four Wheel Drive Club     10

Camping with Bundaberg 4WD Club
1. Winnam
2. Gabala

Just Cruz’n 4X4 Club     29

1. Maheno
2. Wahba
3. Eugarie

Matt Tate
Land-Rover Owners Club of Brisbane          
Logan District Four Wheel Drive Club          
Mackay & District 4WD Club          
Mackay Land Rover Club          
Mitsubishi 4WD Owners Club of Qld     17 1. Dundabara Group
2. Dundabara (public)
Rob Ellis
Moreton Districts Off Road Club     27

1. Waddy Top
2. Eugarie
3. Yurru

Ben & Laura Clark
North Brisbane 4WD Club     28 1. Eli
2. Wyuna
Greg Facey
North Coast 4X4 Club     12 1. Dundubara (group)
2. Maheno
3. Guruman
4. Wahba
Tim Arthars
Queensland 4X4 Club     15 Dilli Village Craig Colhoun
Queensland Jeepers Club          
Queensland Nissan Patrol 4WD Club     26 1. Eugarie
2. Yurru
3. Guruman
Michelle Brown
Range Rover Club of Australia Queensland Branch          
Redlands Four Wheel Drive Club     18 1. Dundubara (group)
2. Maheno
3. Cornwells
4. Yurru (Cathedrals)
Neil O’Brien
River City 4WD Club     58

1. Awinya Creek
2. Burad
3. Guuman

Steve Gordon
Roving Around 4X4 Club          
Rum City Offroaders          
Run A Muck 4WD Club          
South East Queensland Deaf 4WD Club          
Sunshine Coast Land Rover Owners Club     25 1. Marloo (orchid beach)
2. Waddy Top
3. Dundabara (group)
Ethan Johns
Tamborine Mountain 4X4 Club          
Townsville & District 4WD Club          
Toyota Landcruiser Club Qld     20 1. Waddy Top
2. Dundabara (group)
3. Winnam
4. Guruman
Scott Handley
Tweed Valley 4WD Club          
Twin Rivers 4X4 Club      

1. Guluri
2. Winnam
3. Poyungan

Matt Plant
Whitsunday Coast 4X4 Club          
Wide Bay Burnett 4X4 Club