Hi All 4WD Queensland Members,

FICU Committee is proud to advise the “Trip Leader” page is now set up, so trip leaders from each club can keep tabs on the registration and purchases for each of their affiliated club members.

After successful registration, clubs should advise the FICU Committee who the allocated trip leaders are, and they will be granted access to these restricted pages. There is no limit to how many trip leaders each club has, it’s for your own information and member management.

Once access is granted, you will be able to access the page via the menu by hovering over “Accounts”, then clicking “Trip Leaders” – if you don’t see it, you haven’t been granted access.

The Trip Leader page shows all club members, their member status (visitor or financial), and a quick Yes/No display on whether they have purchased any items from the online shop, by category… i.e. Vehicle Permits are the only item in the “Camping” category, so if it displays Yes, then they have purchased their vehicle permits.

Trip Leader’s names will be highlighted in Green, while Sponsored Visitors will be highlighted in Yellow.

FICU Committee

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